The Phoenix Method


Darryn Milan Medjeri

In this 6 Week Program, with Transformational Life Coach DARRYN MILAN MEDJERI, you will do a deep dive into your subconscious mind and start reprogramming your THOUGHT PATTERNS and BEHAVIOURS from the inside out. Our ability to be successful in life is driven by our ability to practice SELF-LOVE.


This program will teach you all the necessary skills to reprogram your internal psychology so that you can see yourself for WHO YOU TRULY ARE, not what you have learned to believe from others.


It's time to HEAL YOURSELF so you can unleash your INNER POWER.

It's time to live up to your FULL POTENTIAL.


The Phoenix Method







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The Phoenix Method



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The Phoenix Method

My name is DARRYN MILAN MEDJERI and I'm a self-confessed Personal Development Junkie turned Transformational Life Coach, but I wasn't always like this.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, in a lower socio-demographic family of five. As a kid, I was SHY, TIMID, QUIET. Some would say it was easy for me to remain UNNOTICED.

This was by choice. I grew up in a house where it was always best to hide under the radar, so to speak. If you didn't get noticed, you wouldn't risk being on the receiving end of abuse.

Like most trauma victims though, I developed a pattern of choosing PHYSICAL TRAUMA over EMOTIONAL TRAUMA. As young as I can remember, I would always put myself between the abuser and the abused, because I would rather feel the physical abuse than witness someone else being abused. Until I was 21.

It was 2005, I was at home hanging out with my boyfriend in my bedroom when I heard it. It was the UNMISTAKEABLE SOUND  of my sister and father having a heated argument, and I knew exactly what would come next.

I immediately stood to leave the room but before I did, I turned to my boyfriend, put my hands up and said,

No matter what you hear, please just stay in my room, OK? 

I then paced through our house so quickly in the hope that I could get to them before it escalated. My heart was POUNDING so hard in my chest and my breath was short and sharp. My mind was racing, trying to anticipate how the scenario would pan out. I was NERVOUS but I knew I had to do something.

As I got to the room, I saw my sister on the floor, my father TOWERING OVER HER with his hand open and arm outstretched. His body was tense and she was crying and cowering. I knew exactly what was about to happen!

At that moment, I launched myself between them both and said with full certainty,


If you want to beat her, you have to get through me first



I was shaking because I KNEW MY FATE.

No sooner did the words leave my mouth, did the first strike hit me with full force. My body flew to the ground with a thud and then my father continued to lay into me WITHOUT STOPPING.

My body was NUMB. I had taught myself to switch off when the beatings would happen. I would allow the numbing sensation to ripple through me and pictured myself somewhere else. I'm pretty sure I BLACKED OUT for a while.

I suddenly came to by the sound of my sister screaming out, begging for him to stop. But he was relentless.


Stop it! Stop hitting him!



The rest was a bit of a blur, but I'm certain the only reason he stopped is that my mother and boyfriend both entered the room and confronted him.

In his rage, he exited the house abruptly by hitting me in the back of the head with the front door, KNOCKING ME UNCONSCIOUS.

This was the LAST TIME my father ever physically abused me. But little did I know, I would spend the next 14 years ABUSING MYSELF mentally, emotionally, physically and psychologically - unable to break the pattern.

I was abused for 21 years and spent the next 14 years trying to break free, or at the very least, numb the pain. I turned to unhealthy habits with binge-drinking ALCOHOL, using recreational DRUGS, forming an unhealthy relationship with food resulting in EATING DISORDERS and several attempts of SUICIDE. Anything was BETTER THAN LIVING this life. I didn't know any different because of the words which would play over and over in my head...

I'm not worthy of love

I'm not enough

I'm nothing

The same PATTERNS KEPT REPEATING in my life. Even when things were great, I would start the process of SELF-SABOTAGE. I would find ways to ruin anything good in my life. I felt like I didn't deserve good things. Why would I be deserving? I was NOTHING.

Over the years, I attracted partners that would cheat on me, which just confirmed the notion that I was NOT WORTHY of anything greater. After all, I'm NOT WORTHY OF LOVE.

My weight would also fluctuate and I'm not talking about a few kilos here and there. My fluctuations were some 20 to 30 kgs (45 to 65 lbs) in any given year. I would go to the gym and obsess over my weight until I would achieve my goal. Then I would go back to EMOTIONAL EATING

I would be successful in every job I had but then when things were going great, I would DISENGAGE and my performance would be lacking. In a matter of weeks, I would go from being the highest achiever to the one on a performance management plan. 

This is all bullshit ... It's time to break free!

I was the Straight A student. I was the kid that would excel at everything he put his mind to. I knew I was DESTINED for FAR GREATER things than this.

So that's what has brought me here. Now it's time for me to pass on everything I have learned so that YOU CAN BREAK FREE from the bullshit "truths" you are telling yourself.

I've spent the last 15 years learning how to turn my life around and now I want to teach YOU the same thing.

Darryn Milan Medjeri
Darryn Milan Medjeri

So, why am I telling you all of this? It's simple... I want you to know that I have been in some very DARK PLACES.

I know what it feels like to be so NUMB WITH PAIN AND HURT.

I know what it feels like when you CAN'T IMAGINE AN ALTERNATE FUTURE.

I know what it feels like when you think there is NO OTHER WAY TO LIVE YOU LIFE.

That's why I want to help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

The Phoenix Method
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Darrn Milan Medjeri
Darrn Milan Medjeri

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The Phoenix Method
Darrn Milan Medjeri
Darrn Milan Medjeri

The Phoenix Method is a 6-week online course taught exclusively by Darryn Milan Medjeri, Transformational Life Coach, Self-Love Expert and Co-Founder of Transcending Minds Transformational Coaching. 


This course is intentionally curated to give you the best of the best when it comes to SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE.

Rather than overwhelming you with a ton of pointless information, Darryn only teaches you what you need to know to implement what’s taught NOW.


It’s simple, easy-to-digest, and taught using modern-day language, so you will be able to relate immediately. 

This course will give you a Masters Degree in YOUR LIFE, and a Ph.D. in the LIFE YOU DESERVE.

Each module is accessed via a student-only portal every single week for 6 weeks.


There is also a LIVE WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALL that is done in a closed Facebook group once per week.


This is where you’ll be able to get all your burning questions answered.


The calls are recorded and are then sent out to members of the course via email.


Lifetime access to every module is given to members at the end of the 6 weeks along with all of the bonuses that are revealed on this page. 

Week One - Introducing You to the Phoenix


19 February 2020

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In Week One, we will dissect the concept of Self-Love and answer the following questions:

  • What is the Phoenix Archetype?

  • What is Self-Love?

  • How exactly do we produce our thoughts, feelings and behaviours?

  • What is the Subconscious Mind and how does it impact our life?

  • What is Cause and Effect?

  • Creating a compelling and clear vision for all areas of your life

  • Getting crystal clear on what you want your life to look like

  • Common misconceptions around the Shadow

Week Two - Your Ego vs Your Spirit


26 February 2020

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In Week Two, we will be understanding ourselves on a deeper level by diving into:

  • Where did your conditioning start?

  • Whose love did you crave the most?

  • Whom did you have to be to get their love?

  • Get a strong understanding of the 6 Basic Human Needs

  • Understanding self-worth, valuing and honouring yourself

  • Confirmation bias and how this sets the tone for your day

  • The Ego vs the Spirit

Week Three - Releasing Your Emotions


4 March 2020

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In Week Three, we’ll be breaking down your emotions in DETAIL. We’ll be covering things like:

  • How your past impacts the present and future and how to finally LET GO and forgive old wounds

  • The power of identity and how it affects our values, beliefs, behaviours, and environment

  • Understanding your triggers and how to break them

  • Releasing all major negative emotions

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind with new patterns

  • The power of repetition & how to reprogram your subconscious mind for success

  • Creating customized affirmations and mantras

Week Four - Transforming Your Beliefs


11 March 2020

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In Week Four, we will be covering more advanced programming topics like:

  • How to eliminate the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your dreams… for good!

  • The power of polarity and negative thinking

  • The power of forgiveness

  • How gratitude can unlock all possibilities​

Week Five - Setting Fire to the Past


18 March 2020

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

​In Week Five, we start making some even bigger changes by using hypnosis so that you can:

  • Step into a life where you LOVE YOURSELF wholeheartedly

  • Find the CONFIDENCE you never knew you had


  • Be more ASSERTIVE in your life

  • Achieve INNER GROWTH you never thought possible

Week Six - Reborn from the Ashes


25 March 2020

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

​In Week Six, we make practical changes so you can put everything into action, including:

  • How to quickly shift yourself from a disempowering belief/state to an empowering one

  • The power of surrendering and letting go of the “how”

  • How to go from a place of NEEDINESS to a place of ALLOWING

  • Releasing negative energy via meditation, journaling, and other proven methods

  • Creating a vision board that actually works for YOUR VISION

  • Daily practices to keep your vibration elevated through ANYTHING

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Please CLICK ABOVE to submit your information to us so Darryn can contact you!

The Phoenix Method
The Phoenix Method

In this series of Meditation Audios, I will help you create a sense of calm and relaxation that you can tap into any time.

The audios will be sent in digital format so you will be able to upload them onto your mobile device, so they can be easily accessed at a time that suits you.

Each of the meditations will have a different focus so you can listen to the one which suits your mood for the day.

The Phoenix Method
Transcend Your Life

'Transcend Your Life' is an eBook excerpt from the soon to be released book by Transcending Minds Transformational Coaching.

Within its pages, you will find all the relevant information you need to be able to rewrite the script of your life.

Packed with tons of activities of reflection, visualisation and goal setting, you will have written your life's own road map.

The best part is that it was written by you, FOR YOU.

You will be able to uncover your inner dreams and desires so that you can start living your life in true alignment with your greater purpose.

A purpose which you came up with, from within your subconscious.

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The Phoenix Method

As well as receiving the Self-Love Hypnosis as part of the training, I am including the audio for you to be able to listen to whenever you feel the need.

With all things in life, sometimes you need to do a refresh of a certain skill in order to maintain it.

By having access to this pre-recorded audio, you will be able to listen to it again and again, for those times when you need a little confidence boost.

You will finish the Self-Love Hypnosis feeling a greater sense of inner strength, willpower, control, confidence, self-love, self-assurance, and self-worth.

So whenever you're having a less confident day, simply find somewhere you can relax, put your headphones on and listen to this amazing hypnosis track so you can feel on top of the world.

The Phoenix Method










Blood Pressure






Heart Rate


Meditation is an ancient Eastern practice.


In Western countries, meditation is becoming very popular as a tool to calm and focus the mind.


Meditation can help you cope with everyday life, reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing.

In this Masterclass, we will be uncovering the many benefits of utilising Meditation to improve your life.

We will also be demystifying the myths of meditation, and focusing on the simple process of allowing yourself to achieve a state of relaxation.

I only ask one thing... anything you think you know about meditation, for this masterclass, I kindly ask you to put it to the side and listen with an open mind.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and I want to share the truths that I have learned and adopted into my daily practice.

From reducing the amount of stress and anxiety to improving your concentration and memory, we will walk through the many benefits so that you can walk away with confidence, so that you can also adopt a regular meditation practice.

The Phoenix Method

Scott E

Auckland, NZ

"Working along side Darryn on the NLP Master Practitioner course has been a pleasure. His caring nature and energy was contagious and could very quickly lift the mood and morale of the room!

I was lucky to have worked personally with Darryn on this course.

- Thorough
- Committed
- Professional

Everything I could have asked for. Thank you again, for being a great coach and of recent a great friend.

The world needs you.


Stephen M

Canberra, ACT

"What can I say about working with Darryn? He is an absolute legend and I can't recommend his services enough. Never have I ever felt so comfortable and confident in opening up things about my past I had never told anyone before. My breakthrough session at the time was very comforting knowing I was in good hands with Darryn's approach being calm and collected.

Darryn kept his distance to allow me to be me and realise my potential and overcome a lot of stored up guilt and anxiety weighing me down. Darryn picked up a pattern of my behaviours from early on in the session and I never felt judged in any way. Darryn knew I needed to be guided to my responses instead of being him putting words in my mouth.

Thank you Darryn for not only the breakthrough but the commitment in keeping me accountable for my actions to not let me fall back into the heap that was my life."


Brittany O

Sydney, NSW

"What a treat it was to work with this power couple. Both Chris and Darryn are well educated in a variety of different skills which is incredibly helpful to help breakthrough limiting beliefs, fears and procrastination, while giving you all the tools you need to create your own success.


I highly recommend their services to anyone who is ready to overcome whatever is holding them back from reaching their full potential and become the best version of themselves."


Ambre S

Mackay, QLD

"If you are ready to dive deep and start your healing journey or even if this isn't your first rodeo you must find a way to work with Darryn. His bubbly and enthusiastic personality enables him to connect with you on a deep and caring level and when the 'work' begins he creates a beautiful safe and calming space that allows you to tune into yourself, your soul, and reveal the emotion that needs to come to the surface to be released.


I will forever be grateful for Darryn and the amazing transformational work that he does. By providing me with a safe container I was able to release parts of myself that were no longer serving me, allowing me to return to and embrace my true self, and when you live life like that, in true alignment, that is when big magic happens!"


Felic H

Townsville, QLD

"Darryn made sure I felt I was in a safe place and ready for change. I grew up with an illness and Darryn has helped me release the negative emotions I've been holding onto. I have a completely different outlook on life and can honestly say I've never felt this happy and at peace with life. I now see an amazingly successful future. Previously I was self-sabotaging all areas of my life. I would recommend Darryn to anyone trying to come to terms with illness, addictions, past trauma or just unhappy with how life if going."


Tonia K

Adelaide, SA

"I had a truly life-changing experience with Darryn. He fully supported me and made me feel completely safe to be open and vulnerable as he uncovered and helped me overcome my need to seek other people's approval. Darryn is deeply compassionate and understanding to another level, having faced his own deep traumas he has the ability to hold space like no other, thank you. I am deeply grateful to you for showing me courage in vulnerability"


Hilal H

Melbourne, VIC

“Darryn truly has a gift! I knew as soon as I started working with him that I was in great hands. Thank you for your guidance Darryn & for helping me reprogram my belief system so that I am more confident in myself. I really recommend his services to anyone needing to shift their negative beliefs”

The Phoenix Method


One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that life doesn't happen TO US, it happens FOR US.


Life only presents us with obstacles and events that we are READY FOR, and sometimes we need to get burned by the flames of our past in order to RISE from the ashes, STRONGER and WISER than ever.

Darrn Milan Medjeri

While I used to see my past as my source of pain and suffering, it is now my reason for living as it has given me the strength to transform so many others.


My personal transformation took years because I was doing it alone.




I'm so excited to share a course that has taken me a lifetime to cultivate. A lifetime of lessons that I learned through pain and forgiveness.

The Phoenix Method is a culmination of EVERYTHING that has helped me create my best life, that I am living today.


I've helped thousands of women and men learn more about themselves than ever before so that they can practice SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE on a daily basis.


 I'm a Transformational Life Coach, Self-Love Expert, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner, and the Co-Founder of the exploding personal development brand Transcending Minds Transformational Coaching.

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I'm also a Motivational Speaker, International Fitness Presenter, Zumba® Instructor, Spiritual Counsellor, Meditation Instructor, Reiki and Crystal Healer, Tarot and Angel Card Reader and aspiring Author.

Today, TRANSCENDING MINDS serves thousands of people collectively and I have nothing but certainty that I can HELP YOU TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE too.

If you trust me, put a little trust in the process, and a whole lot of trust in yourself, your life will never be the same again.

The Phoenix Method will be a course that you will be forever thankful for, for years IF NOT LIFETIMES.


You will be able to FREE YOURSELF from your old THOUGHT PATTERNS and BEHAVIOURS and start living your life the way that you deserve.

I am certain because the methods and practices that I have included in the course are the same practices that I live my life by.


They have CHANGED MY LIFE and will do the same for YOU.

Your time to practice UNCONDITIONAL self-love and self-acceptance is NOW.

Darrn Milan Medjeri
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The Phoenix Method

When does the course start?

The first live call will take place on Wednesday 19th February, but I will send you some pre-work for you to do before the call. If you join on the day, it's OK, the pre-work is something you can do later also. It is not mandatory but will help you get into the right mindset for the call so I recommend doing it so you can get the most out of the content.

What happens when I click 'Yes, Sign Me Up Now'?

You will receive a personal email from me confirming your registration and then I will invite you to a quick 15-minute introduction call. This is so I get an opportunity to get to know you a little and also to find out about what you hope to achieve in the course.

What do I get in the course?

The course comes jam-packed with lots of content included a weekly workbook which includes your homework tasks, so you can start making changes immediately. You will also get lifetime access to all of the recorded content so you can rewatch it later on.

What if I don't have the time?

I totally get it, sometimes life gets in the way of what we want. The good news is, every group call is recorded and then sent out to every participant each week, so you will be able to follow along in your own time. The only downside is not being able to have your questions answered live, so I would encourage your participation so you get the most out of the course.

How long do I have access for?

Once you have graduated from the course, you will be added to an alumni Facebook Group so you can continue to stay connected with me and all of the other Phoenix Method Alumni. This means as long as you stay in the group, you will be able to access your content. It also means you will stay connected with other like-minded individuals that have had the same transformation as you!

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, absolutely! The only thing is that you will need to have your course paid in full before getting access to the material, so if you need a payment plan, please contact me as soon as possible so we can make sure you have time to pay it off before the start date. I have credit card facilities available too, so please just reach out!

Do you guarantee results?

If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, and follow the processes step-by-step, you will experience more success than you’ve ever before thought possible. But because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. This is a course where it’s your responsibility to play full-out at 100% and take initiative in your own success.



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Please CLICK ABOVE to submit your information to us so Darryn can contact you!

The Phoenix Method



  • Someone who's excited for a change and ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES

  • EAGER TO LEARN and apply new knowledge

  • Not afraid to admit that YOU WANT MORE out of life

  • Ready to drop your bullshit story about why you CAN'T... and rediscover WHY YOU CAN

  • Understand TOUGH LOVE and thrive WITH A MENTOR who can push you over the edge of transformation

  • COMMITTED to completing every single assignment you're given

  • Someone who sees this course as an INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE



  • Someone who has an "I already know that" mindset

  • Stuck in a victim mentality about why you CAN'T be successful

  • Unwilling to take 100% responsibility for your life

  • Looking for a quick fix to your problems

  • Someone who sees this course as an 'expense'

  • Looking for someone to do the work for you

  • Looking for therapy, rather than coaching

The Phoenix Method
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The Phoenix Method

With THE PHOENIX METHOD, you're getting over

$13,000 worth of content:

6 Live Group Coaching Calls

6 Recorded Modules

6 Transformational Workbooks & Homework

Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group

Lifetime Access to Alumni Facebook Group

BONUS #1 - 4 x 30 Minute Guided Meditation Audios

BONUS #2 - 'Transcend Your Life' eBook

BONUS #3 - Self-Love Hypnosis Audio

BONUS #4 - 'The Power of Meditation' Masterclass










 ONLY $1,479

 TOTAL VALUE: $13,479

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Please CLICK ABOVE to submit your information to us so Darryn can contact you!

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Places are LIMITED so if you're ready to

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE with THE PHOENIX METHOD, register your interest NOW!

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